More loyal visitors and members

Members and visitors who feel more connected come back more often and remain members for longer. Thanks to Piggy, the loyalty platform for events & associations, this is now within reach:
  • Set unique rewards
  • Collect valuable data
  • Encourage repeat visits with automatic emails
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Attract more loyal visitors

Use unique rewards to increase the involvement of members and they'll return again and again. Piggy is the # 1 loyalty platform for associations & events, letting you easily design your own powerful rewards programs. You can offer vouchers, gifts, unique Piggy Deals or even discount codes through your webshop. Incentivise your members to visit more often.

Get to know your members better

Offering the right rewards not only increases loyalty, but also lets you automatically collect useful data about your members. Record metrics like how often they visit, birthdays and personal preferences. Then use this data to make more personal, relevant customer experiences and communications.

Why Piggy for Associations & Events?

More than 8,000 stores and webshops are already using Piggy to increase customer loyalty and grow their business. Not only can you easily set rewards and collect data, but you can also stay top-of-mind with email marketing and generate extra sales with unique giftcards.

Strengthen the bond with your members