Loyalty on a grand scale

Finally, a digital loyalty program that really generates repeat purchases and attracts more customers:
  • Collect customers points with every purchase
  • Set your own rewards, and change them with ease
  • Automatically create data and build a valuable customer database.
Piggy partners

Grow your business

Launch a standard rewards program for all your branches or easily localise rewards for each location. Create unique experiences that encourage repeat visits and give customers different ways of redeeming them, such as gifts, discounts and vouchers.

Generate valuable insights

All customer data and transactions are automatically collected in one handy dashboard. Create a range of triggered emails that celebrate customers’ birthdays, generate positive reviews and reduce churn. With a comprehensive management system, you have complete control over your own rules and rewards, across your entire organisation.

Why Piggy for Enterprise?

More than 8,000 companies, large and small, are already rewarding their loyal customers and growing their turnover with Piggy. It’s easy to set-up rules and rewards for multiple branches, while also staying top-of-mind with email campaigns and generating extra sales with unique gift cards.

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