Start attracting more loyal guests

Introducing a modern digital loyalty platform, designed to create more customer retention and return visits online. Customers can register in seconds, then they can:
  • Collect points with every purchase
  • Earn rewards, that you set yourself
  • Help you build a valuable customer database.
Piggy partners

Encourage repeat business

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, so does the level of competition. With the Piggy loyalty platform you can gain an advantage by creating more loyal customers. Encourage repeat purchases with rewards and discount codes to help grow your business.

Know what customers want

Great rewards are just one way of forming a closer bond with your customers. You can also collect valuable insights about all your customers through your customer database, where birthdays, purchasing behavior and preferences are all clearly arranged for easy viewing.

Why choose Piggy for eCommerce?

With Piggy, customers not only collect points with you, but also with thousands of other stores and webshops. However, only points earned with your store can be redeemed for rewards at your store. This helps ensure participation, while also giving you a place in an ever-growing loyalty network.

Encourage repeat business to your webshop today