Open the door to more loyal customers

Make sure that customers order from you more often with Piggy, the loyalty platform for Delivery. Put regular guests in the limelight and:
  • Let customers save for unique rewards
  • Stay top of mind with email marketing
  • Collect valuable customer data
Piggy partners

Strengthen the bond with your customers

Looking to generate more orders? Create a fun rewards program, where you offer loyal customers free products and discounts. With the Piggy App, customers not only save with you, but with 8,000 other catering establishments or shops, ensuring higher participation

Know who your customers are

Automatically collect useful data about all of your regular customers, such as how often they order, their birthday and their order preferences. This helps you make the customer experience even more personal, generating more loyalty and more positive reviews.

Why Piggy for Small Business?

More than 8,000 restaurants, stores and webshops are already increasing customer loyalty and growing their sales with Piggy. Not only can you easily set up a rewards program, but you can also stay top-of-mind with email marketing and generate extra sales with unique giftcards.

Start delivering more loyal customers