Keep guests coming back more often

As you know, the catering industry depends on generating regular guests. That’s why Piggy is the best loyalty platform for bars & cafes:
  • Reward return guests
  • Stay top-of-mind with email marketing
  • Make giftcards with your own branding.
Piggy partners

Regular guests generate more turnover

In the hospitality industry everything revolves around creating experiences. With Piggy you can create more return guests and reward your regulars with fun extras and unique experiences. It’s easy to set-up and change your own rules and rewards, giving you complete control. And with the Piggy App, customers not only collect points with you, but also with 8000+ other hospitality establishments, stores and webshops, helping ensure higher participation.

Personalised customer experience

Automatically collect useful information about all of your regular guests. Record how often they visit, their birthdays, and preferences - then use this data to provide an even more personal experience, offering unique rewards, special birthday deals and generate more positive reviews.

Why Piggy for Cafes?

More than 8,000 cafes and shops are already rewarding their loyal customers and growing their turnover. It’s easy to set-up, easy to run and easy to stay top-of-mind with email marketing, monthly newsletters and unique giftcards for your café.